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Emergency Services

The Emergency Services Directorate is a component of the Alaska Wing Operations Branch. Emergency Services is one of the three primary missions of the Alaska Wing. The mission of the Emergency Services Directorate is to develop and maintain Alaska Wing capabilities for incident command and emergency response in the air and on the ground, in fixed facilities and in the field, to meet the needs of our supported agencies at the federal, state, and local level.
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The Emergency Services Team

The Director of Emergency Services is Capt Benjamin Padgett .

The Deputy Director is Maj Caleb Newville

The Emergency Services Training Officer (EST) is Lt Col Brian Porter 

The Disaster Relief Officer (ESD) is Lt Col Derk MacPherson

The WIMRS Manager (DOSW) is Maj Jim McCarthy.

The ES Director has chartered a working group with Logistics, Communications, and Information Technology to enhance and support ES training and exercise planning.  The Emergency Services Working Group meets 1-2 times each month in the wing Mission Control Center (MCC).

The ES Deputy Director manages the Alaska Wing Alerting System to ensure we have a secure, efficient, and reliable way to connect crews and missions.  Our alerting system has been benchmarked by other CAP wings due to its effectiveness in providing resource availability and response in a crisis.