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Col. Carl L. Brown Jr.
Commander, Alaska Wing

Colonel Carl Brown was born in Ohio, November 14, 1951 and has three younger brothers. The family moved to Fairborn, Ohio and there his interest in aviation was nurtured by the proximity of Wright-Patterson AFB. Col. Brown spent most Saturdays at the Air Force Museum, and took advantage of every opportunity to search the non-public archives and files of unclassified aircraft records. He participated in JR AFROTC during his last two years of high school, where he was introduced to military discipline and training. After graduating high school in 1970, he enlisted in the US Army in hopes of going to flight school. Instead he was trained as a field corpsman and surgical technician. Col. Brown served one tour in South Viet Nam and four years in Germany. The remaining position of the nine years he served active duty was in various stateside assignments. He is married with seven children, three are step-children.

Col. Brown learned to fly, after returning from South East Asia in 1973, at Clarksville, Tennesee. He acquired his commercial, ATP, and instructor rating after coming to Alaska in 1978. He currently holds a commercial certificate in SES, and an ATP in SEL/MEL aircraft. Between 1983 and 1987, Col. Brown was part owner-operator of a combination flight school and Part 135 Air Taxi. Since then, he has flown for three air taxi/commuter companies throughout Alaska.

In 1991, Col. Brown joined the Civil Air Patrol and became a member of the Arcturus Composite Squadron at Elmendorf AFB. While there, he served as the squadron Standardization/Evaluation Officer. From 1999-2002, he served as Deputy Commander for Seniors and then as the Squadron Commander. In 2002, he was appointed as the Alaska Wing Chief of Staff under the leadership of Col Robert Brouillette. In 2004, Col. Brown was appointed as Vice-Commander and 2005 as Commander.

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