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Cadet Advisory Council

Wing CACs

• Serve as the primary forum for the average cadet to voice his
or her concerns to senior CAP leaders;
• Provide feedback to the Wing Commander and Director of
Cadet Programs on cadet activities sponsored by the wing.

The Alaska Wing CAC meets the third Wednesday of each month at 1900 hrs.

AKWG CAC Representatives:
  • Vacant, Chair
  • C/CMSgt Luke Schmidt, Vice Chair
  • C/MSgt Lela Forester, Recorder
  • 1st Lt Jacob Baugh, Senior Advisor
  • 2d Lt Dana Craig, Assistant Senior Advisor
  • AK-009
  • C/SSgt Nathan Haakenson AK-011
  • C/MSgt Lela Forester AK-015
    • C/TSgt Katarina Lukic
  • C/SrA Zane Warner AK-017
  • C/SMSgt Adam Murphy AK-022
    • C/SMSgt Victoria Austin
  • C/CMSgt Luke Schmidt AK-027
  • AK-065
  • AK-066
  • C/CMSgt Annika Ziesmer AK-071
    • C/CMSgt Benjamin Tipton
  • AK-072
  • C/SSgt Clover Edwards AK-073
    • C/A1C Thomas Merritt
  • AK-076
  • AK-085
  • C/A1C Jackson Roberts AK-087
    • C/MSgt Julian Costello
  • AK-091
  • C/SMSgt Alan Padgett AK-093
    • C/Amn Rylan Robbins

1st Lt Jacob Baugh
Assistant Director of Cadet Programs
Jacob 2d Lt CAP AK071 Baugh,
Oct 18, 2018, 9:59 AM
Jacob 2d Lt CAP AK071 Baugh,
May 22, 2018, 3:48 PM